Squidoo Groups: On Lockdown

It looks like Squidoo is going to be weeding out the bad groups from the good. Word has come down that changes are happening in the number and more importantly, the quality, of the groups on Squidoo.

This is a good thing. Anyone who has been on Squidoo has had the ability to create a group that they could invite others to join and submit their lenses which could be highlighted on the group's page. The problem is that too many lensmasters were trying to create the ultimate group - with the most lenses, and not caring which lenses joined, as long as their total number of lenses was the most on Squidoo. Then there were other groups that languished with little or no attention being paid by an absent lensmaster. Basically, a lot of chaff, and some felt enough was enough. Time to take out the spam. No new Squidoo groups can be created for the near future.

Now, more stringent quality controls are being put into effect, owners of groups that don't make the cut could find their ignored and forgotten groups deleted. The quality of the groups at Squidoo in general should take a step forward. I have to mention that I have one group only, and it's about something I've worked on and off for some time.

Called the Hockey World Headquarters, it features about 70-odd lenses about hockey players and the teams that make up the NHL. There are 12 members and I have a lot of lenses in the group: old time legendary players, to current players and rookies. One member have a lens that I feature about his hockey art that he produces. There's some good lenses about several NHL teams and more are scheduled to appear. And the group itself is one of the higher rated groups in the sports category (and the highest group on Squidoo about hockey). So, a little pat on the back for me. It can still improve and that's always been my plan for the group, as I can see all sorts of areas where improvements to the group can be made. So far it hasn't been deleted and I really hope it remains open.

To read more about what is going on with the Squidoo groups, you need to look at SquidU - here's a great article about what problems have been experienced with the groups feature and what we be doing to make the groups at Squidoo something good. In the article in the link above also shows is several examples of really good, well-cared for groups worthy of your visiting them. Take a little time to check them out.


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