Twitter And Facebook Assist Student Protests In Moldova

Twitter is quickly becoming one of the most intriguing new platforms on the web these days. Started only a few years back, it's also like being able to text-message the world and your buddies. The news about large-scale student protests in the former Soviet republic of Moldova and the part Twitter (and Facebook) played in the communications chain raised a few eyebrows. Now there's word spreading around that Google, the mighty Google, has cast their collective eyes on Twitter as a possible acquisition.

Now if Twitter gets absorbed by Google, what are their plans for the company? And who will profit? Shades of Youtube and their founders giggling hysterically about their new riches, right? News like this makes me hunger for more knowledge about these emerging platforms and how to get in on the potential. I know that Squidoo has a ton of really informative lenses about what Twitter is and how to use it, so I think that may be a place to start snooping around. I just wish I had cobbled together a lens (or three) all about Twitter and its many applications and uses.

Another possible topic that deems some exploratory work is voip. Voice Over Internet Protocol. You know, "The Magic Jack", that infomercial about cheap, cheap telephone calls. We had a VOIP store sprout up in our neighborhood a few months ago. There are so many of these topics out there, so little time to properly follow up on them.


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