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I've put together some new lenses at Squidoo over the last few days, bringing my total of published webpages to 153 (impressed?). As I continue making more and more of these lenses, I'm finding it easier to get them to rank somewhat nicely, but still find it difficult to get them to rank in the top tier where the money is, but as I have stated in the past, having a ranking of 2,000 and under is all well and good, and if you can have one in this top tier you definitely deserve kudos, but striving solely to be at the top of the Squidoo heap is not a smart plan of action if you are looking to have longterm success (ie: money), then scouring your dashboard at Squidoo and worrying about every little up-tic or downward spiral will just lead to frustration.

If the reason you joined our little Squidoo party is to make some extra money each month, you can earn a certain amount each month by polishing and honing each webpage to a bright sheen, but you will not get rich doing only this.

Squidoo recently announced that there are over one million Squidoo lenses on their website. That means that your lens is in competition with mine and those of thousands of other lensmasters for that elusive top rung in Squidoo's ranking system. I want to have all my webpages in the top tier so I can have as much sent to me each month, but so does every one else.

I'm proud of most of my work making lenses, but I know that there are excellent lenses that far outstrip mine in terms of quality and content, and with more and more new people generating new content on the site and older more experienced hands adding to the tremendous work they've already completed, it will continue to become harder and harder to hold onto their higher positions in the upper tiers. Unless you create your content strictly for fun - and that's a cool motivation and one of the reasons I came here in the first place - you will need to look elsewhere than the tiers if you are looking for streams of money.

You need to keep generating traffic to your lenses and creating and improving your content so that people will want to come back or bookmark your work, to get them to link to it and reference your fine work so others will be able to discover what you have done.

Oh yeah, here are some links to my latest work, so if you want to take a quick look you can. Any comments obviously would be appreciated. I don't expect them to immediately leap to the highest heights as far as ranking goes, but I think they will generate a fair bit of traffic and maybe a sale or three.

Yes Virginia, There Is A Santa Claus
Liam Hemsworth
Justin Bieber

Obviously by listing these new lenses here on Squidoo Land I'm hoping to generate some traffic, but mostly for an honest opinion of the respective lenses.

The first is about the letter sent by Virginia O'Hanlon to The New York Sun back in 1897 that generated the famous "Yes, Virginia" editorial. The second and third lenses are for two relative newcomers to the entertainment world. I have many more ideas for webpages that are in various stages of publication on Squidoo, and I hope that they will gain some acceptance and success as they are sent out into the Squidosphere.


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