One Week Later: New Squidoo Lenses ~ How Are They Doing?

About a week ago I wrote that I was publishing some new lenses on Squidoo. This is the link to that article called A Couple Of New Webpages At Squidoo.... As far as traffic, they have been found by the search engines, Google, Yahoo, etc., because I alert them to the existance of these webpages.

There's been a small trickle of traffic both from these search engines and from other Squidoo lenses. All told, they have generated a whopping 24-25 visits. That's between all three lenses. Not much traffic of course, but I'm happy with them even though they have yet to generate any sales. They've ranked in the 3rd tier and one looks like it might enter the 2nd tier. They just need a little bit more work to get them in front of the eyes of my target audiences. So, if I'm lucky, in a couple of months, each one will add $0.08 each to my total money earned from Squidoo. Not really worth all the work right? Wrong.

Let's say I earn that same $0.08 from each webpage each month for a year. That's still only $0.96 per lens ($0.08 x 12 months = $0.96). Just a little less than $3.00 for my effort and there is of course no guarantee they will even rank as high as the 3rd tier. I need to continually improve on my work, change modules, and work to increase a greater share of the audience that is out there.

There is the good vibes I get from the positive comments visitors leave and maybe an angel blessing here or there, and that adds value to my work in my own eyes. What I would like is more sales, which come with increasing traffic to my webpages, so I should always be endeavoring to use SEO techniques on my lenses, and just re-do and improve on the content so visitors will be more willing to make a purchase. All I need to do is get a sale here or there and combined with what Squidoo bestows on me for those few webpages that work their way up the slippery slope and rank fairly well and I'm one happy Squid!

Basically, the plan of action would be to make more and more Squidoo lenses, with each taking a small chunk of the available money for ranking well, with ever increasing sales. The way I look at it, if you want to make more money at Squidoo is to first make content that brings people to your webpage, offer products and services that those visitors would enjoy purchasing, and then MAKE MORE LENSES!

Basically, each time you publish something new or improve what you have out there ~ you are giving yourself a raise.

Sure, it's only $0.08 a month if you're lucky enough to get and hold a ranking, but you are getting better at creating good content, and more importantly, having fun! This can be a little hobby that generates some pocket money (maybe stowing it away til Christmas next year) but how many hobbies offer you a chance at making money each and every month?

There are lenses that stay in the top 2,000 month in and month out, so if you're one of the lucky ones who create something unique that stays up there in the rankings, one lens generating about $11.00 a month would mean $132/year for just a little work keeping the lens up to date. If you are like me (once again I apologise if that's the case) and you do have some success, you want more. I know I do. I look forward to seeing that blue box on my Squidoo dashboard each month.

I'm happy some months, disappointed in others, but then I realize I'm getting paid for something I like doing and isn't that what is important?


Bradshaw said...

I just checked and between the 3 lenses I have 103 visits in the last seven days. No sales yet, but they're getting found on Google and elsewhere.

Hopefully there'll be a sale or three to report, but in the meantime the webpages are generating some income from their LensRank.

A buck here and a buck there adds up to a lot of bucks over time!

Bradshaw said...

Almost a year later, how are these three Squidoo pages doing? Have they lived up to all my hopes and dreams?

I'd have to say yes, definitely! These are the webpages and their lensrank today:

Yes Virginia, There Is A Santa Claus 9,083
Liam Hemsworth 10,061
Justin Bieber 3,678

The page about Liam Hemsworth was just in the 2nd Tier for most of December (and even made it into Tier 1 for a week) because of a sudden rush of traffic when Hemsorth name was mentioned for a lead role.

The Yes Virginia page is doing well because of the season, so I am not complaining. I will revamp it after the holidays and get more backlinks and it will do even better next Christmas.

The Justin Bieber page was the most successful of the three because it was continually updated and stayed in Tier 1 & 2 all year. I would have to say I was happy to ride on Bieber's coattails.

I've made a bunch more Squidoo pages since these three and plan on making a TON more. Hopefully they will help me make even more money online in 2011!

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