Updating Squidoo Lenses After Time Off

I have been allowing my Squidoo lenses to sit forlone and unloved for several months now, collecting my $15-$20 a month through PayPal each month and have finally decided to kick my own butt and get back to work on them.

Several of my Squidoo pages have fallen down the ranks (due to my neglect) and I have to give them a once-over and get them back up to near the top of the pile. The first thing I did was go to thefluffanutta's excellent site called SQUIDUtils which helps wayward Squids get their various pages into fighting shape. If you haven't been to thefluffanutta's website, go there and check it out. You won't be disappointed as Fluff is a wizard and gives free tools to make your Squidoo pages so much better.

I decided to check on the health of my Amazon links and SQUIDUtils showed that most of my pages had broken Amazon links - Oh No! So I've begun the arduous task of going through the broken links, replacing and fixing what I can. Many of the links are for products that are no longer available or that have changed their link to the products I have been showing on my pages. This is just one part of my maintenance that is required to get the pages back into good standing and I have so much more that I need to do. I plan on taking all of December to get them back to the levels I had before and improve on them as best I can.

Also, I have a big backlog of ideas for sites that I want to make NEW Squidoo pages about and that is just one part of my "master plan" to do better at Squidoo than I have in the last several months.


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