Squidoo Land ~ Xmas Holiday Sales Are Up

I don't know about you, but Christmas has been pretty good so far for my Squidoo lenses. I'm getting a nice little bump in sales at Amazon on items sold through my webpages as people search for stuff to buy to fill little Billy and little Amber's Xmas stockings. Something that always amazes me is when items are purchased that have absolutely nothing to do with the content on my page. I put something that's appealing to someone reading my content and they click and go to Amazon and the visitor ends up buying something TOTALLY unrelated to my page.

People seem to get to Amazon and then just bounce from page to page on that site and end up buying books and other items that are light years away from what I recommend. One visitor actually bought some childrens' books that I have been contemplating doing a lens about. The titles turn up in the royalties section of the stats section of my lenses and I am amazed at the coincidences.

As always, I don't get any Christmas holiday themed pages completed in time to really do well when the big rush begins, but I do okay (thank you very much) but just like last year I'm kicking myself for not having completed a webpage (or three!) what will help people making their holiday purchases. What I plan on doing is creating 3-4 webpages at Squidoo after the new year so that they will be open for business NEXT year and will be ranked nicely both on Squidoo and Google. What I'll need to do is to try to do a little more optimization on those lenses than I usually do my Squidoo lenses (and my non-Squidoo webpages) that will draw a greater share of traffic in a holiday spending mood.

I've seen that there are many first-rate holiday pages on Squidoo that have a LOT of work done on them and they have a corresponding healthy pagerank both with Google and Squidoo. Of course, simply have a high rank a Squidoo gives each high-ranking lens a nice little bump in revenue each month (and that does add up at the end of the year), but if you are doing this to make some extra money, it's the sales that you need to be concentrating on. Now, not everyone makes pages at Squidoo and elsewhere just to generate some money, but it is very nice to have a few extra coins to jingle in your pocket - especially during the holiday season.

Having pages up and drawing traffic (and sales!) long before Christmas is what I plan on doing in 2010. What I should be doing is making new lenses with a holiday theme each month and even if they do not rank very highly in May or June is nothing to be worried about. My plan is to increase the sales off my pages at Christmas 2010 and rather slipping into panic mode because I am underwhelming visitors to Squidoo who want to buy presents this year, what I need to do is look down the line. Creating excellent content that will draw visitors looking for Halloween, Christmas, and New Years' is what we all should be striving to do.

What I plan on doing is to start making several webpages about Valentines Day and Easter (amongst others) so that went them - and they will visit, you have the content they are searching for.


thefluffanutta said...

I love this time of year - my traffic is up, and visitors are coming with their wallets already open.

The Christmas lens I created a couple years ago still manages to pull in some buyers, but it's the lenses at the bottom of my dashboard that really surprise me when sales come in.

If only it were like this all year round...

Treasures By Brenda said...

Great post. Lots to think about. My sales are way up but I've grown substantially since last Christmas so I cannot really compare the two years.

You are right to be looking ahead, in my mind it is almost too late to be starting Valentine's Day lenses now although I have a couple up my sleeves with that in mind, too.


Bradshaw said...

Thanks Brenda and Fluff. Yeah, the ones I don't expect much from seem to surprise me, with a sale here and there over at Amazon, usually for something I never though of, or COMPLETELY unrelated to my lens.

I'm working on a lens idea for Valentine's Day, and also for another upcoming holiday a little further into the new year, so hopefully it will be able to get some decent traffic.

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