What Are The Top 10 Squidoo Christmas 2009 Lenses?

Because it is now so close to Christmas, I thought I would take a look at the Top Ten Squidoo search results for the search term "Christmas" to find which lenses would come up and the following webpages with a holiday theme came up on the list:

Top 10 Best Green Gift Ideas 2009 by flowski
Top 10 Best Christmas Gift Ideas 2009 by flowski
Christmas Crafts - Decorations, Gifts, Giftwrap and More by Pastiche
Fuzzy Slippers by GroovyFinds
Beautiful Gingerbread Houses by Kate-Phizackerley
Crazy Cute Christmas Cupcakes by rms
Free Christmas Card Templates by lisadh
Christmas Clip Art by Pastiche
Countdown to Christmas by Christene
Christmas Printables - Coloring Sheets and Activities by WebSpinstress

Taking a quick look, obviously flowski, aka Brandon, is the man this Christmas season as not only does he have the number one overall lens on Squidoo, which is no mean feat in itself, but he holds down the first two spots on this list of Christmas-themed webpages! His Top 10 Best Green Gift Ideas 2009 lens offers visitors a nice assortment of products and ideas for a greener Christmas. His Top 10 Best Christmas Gift Ideas 2009 is visually awesome, with a very Christmasy feel that is nicely laid out.

Pastiche is the only other lensmaster with 2 lenses in the top 10. Most of her lenses have a fun, crafty theme, and her webpage, Christmas Crafts - Decorations, Gifts, Giftwrap and More really catches the eye. Tons of ideas and intriguing projects to make at home - (love the gingerbread men). Her Christmas Clip Art webpage also deservedly makes the list and gives lots of different graphics ideas I want to try. And, these two lenses aren't even her top-rated lens, she has another clip art themed page that's in the top 10 overall at Squidoo.

Fuzzy Slippers by GroovyFinds just has to be included because of the funny slippers that are highlighted. Christmas morning just wouldn't be the same without receiving a pair of comfy slippers under the tree. Really, check out the lens.

Kate-Phizackerley has an very nice webpage showcasing Beautiful Gingerbread Houses. That's a project my grandmother used to involve all her grandkids in doing every year.

One of my favorite lensmasters is on the Top 10 list too, as Robin, also known as rms, has a tasty lens, Crazy Cute Christmas Cupcakes, to help with your baking requirements. She can only be called a PROLIFIC member of Squidoo as her output dwarfs many other lensmasters with the 304 lenses she's made, and taking the time to rate almost 6,000 lenses!

Free Christmas Card Templates is from another longtime Squidoo member, lisadh. She has over 200 webpages on Squidoo too with a number also being Christmas related. Her Christmas Card page will help you make your own cool holiday cards.

Another of my personal favorite Squidoo peeps is Christine, who is ALWAYS on the Squidoo Discussion Forum (how does she get her own work done? She's always leaving helpful comments and suggestions). Christine's Countdown to Christmas is about the use of Advent Calendars at Christmastime.

The final entry on this list is from WebSpinstress with her Christmas Printables - Coloring Sheets and Activities lens - all about coloring and printable pages that will keep the kids busy.

All of these webpages are really well done and deserve kudos. Squidoo Land salutes all of the members of Squidoo who have done such excellent work producing so many great lenses with such holiday flair. If I could, I would list all the Christmas webpages that have grabbed my attention, but I can't, so these are the ones I wanted to highlight. Next year at this time hopefully I will be saluting yours!


MiMi said...

Flowski has two in the Top 10 overall, and both Christmas lenses, so he's the man! Congratulation, Flowski!

MiMi said...

Aww, hate it when I typo.

Congratulations, Flowski!

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