Christmas Coming Early For Squidoo

Do you have your Christmas lenses up and running yet? It's not too late to get some great lenses made. There's a ga-zillion holiday-related lenses (and other websites) decked out in Christmas cheer and there's a good reason for this. The shoppers are coming! I have some lenses with a little bit of Christmas added in and they are starting to pick up traffic as we near ever closer to the big day in December. I knew that Christmas is the busy time of the year for retailers, but I've let sufficient time slip by that I could have used a little more productively.
A large proportion of companies make their year based on the Christmas season and then coast for the remainder of the year, waiting for next year.

If you check the Google stats for various keywords, since the beginning of October people are looking for that great gift, decorating idea, holiday songs and movies and everything Santa Claus themed you can think of. There are spikes for keywords you should be using. You'll have to find them yourself, because I'm not going to tell you all my secrets. By the end of January the madness will subside for yet another year as the crowds move on to Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and other stuff. Unfortunately I started at Squidoo in August and didn't plan ahead to take advantage of this increase in traffic that other lensmasters currently enjoy with their well established Christmas lenses, but I'll be ready for next year. I was concentrating on making lenses about topics non-holiday related, and just stumbling around Squidoo making a nuisance of myself with my questions.

I'll still be pestering others for answers, but I will be preparing for Christmas 2009. There are numerous topics that are not covered or that need my own slant. Plus there's the summer months which offer so much potential for great topics (and maybe a little coinage). But the months leading up to Christmas Day, as the crowds start getting larger, the chance to make sales dramatically increases. This coming year I'll be a little wiser, a little more prepared. Pretty much better able to tackle the opportunities as they present themselves. Sounds like I'm getting started a little early on my New Year's Resolutions doesn't it? Well, a little bit of preparation goes so much further than trying to patch up errors made earlier. Speaking of resolutions, I checked and there's lots of lenses regarding New Year's Resolutions (even some groups!). I guess the run up to Christmas has taught me to look beyond my immediate status on Squidoo to what I want to accomplish and where I want to be. (Cue the uplifting music...)


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