A Followup Regarding RSS Feeds And Squidoo Lenses

I erred in my earlier post on Squidoo Land called Are You A Blogger? RSS Your Blog Onto Squidoo. Luckily a couple of more experienced Lensmasters spotted my mistake and alerted me to what I did wrong (thanks for the heads up guys). In the post I raved about one of the modules available to Squidoo lensmasters that allows you to put headlines from your blog on your lens which will lead people stopping by your lens to your blog when they click on the headline. I implied that the RSS feed was actually a "backlink" which it isn't.

A legit backlink will get spotted by Google and the other search engines and you have a direct link to your blog. The RSS module uses Javascript and therefore doesn't produce an actual backlink. The search engine won't see your headline as an actual link to your blog like your human visitor will.

In the post, I showed how to set up the RSS module to bring visitors from your lens to your blog. If you want an actual backlink from your lens to your blog, what you need to do is set up a manual link to your blog (either in the text portion of the module or elsewhere in your lens). Hope that clears it up!


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