Oddly I'm Seeing A General Decline In My Overall Lensrank

Squidoo is a fun hobby, but it can be infuriating at times. I have so many lenses now, covering a wide variety of topics that it really keeps me hopping. One of my favorite lenses is the one I did on NHL Star Sidney Crosby that has consistently received some traffic and that I've updated almost daily. For some reason only one person has ever rated it (5/5 - thanks!) and it recently had a couple of days with 30-40 visitors which is great. Now all of a sudden, after being ranked in the top 10,000 for a month it dropped to about 25,000, then 47,000. Weird.

The same for my lens on AnnaLynne McCord. Oddly no one has bothered to rate it and it is loaded with video, pictures and articles of the lovely 90210 star. It too has dropped from the top 10,000 and continues to fall even with consistent traffic. It was on the 2nd or 3rd page of Google for some time and now it is in a freefall.

Neither of these two lenses have been flagged by Squidoo for any infraction, but no matter what I seem to do, they tumble. One thing to be happy about is that the lens I made for Halloween continues to rise in the lens ranks. It's called Ghost Pictures, and for some reason it is getting about 60 hits a day. I've checked to see where they are coming from and the lens was mentioned (and linked) from a couple of forums. Thanks to whomever did that!

All in all, I'm happy with my results with Squidoo so far and I feel I've barely scratched the surface of what I can accomplish with it. I'm going to continue working on refining my lenses and creating more. My traffic continues to increase and my clickthroughs are starting to happen. I'm only halfway through my 3rd full month with Squidoo and everyone says immediate success is not easy with Squidoo. You need to wait 6 months before you start to see much happening. Unfortunately, I don't have enough Christmas lenses up and running and it is only about a month away. Well, I guess I'll have to put together a dozen or so for NEXT christmas!


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