Why Is My Halloween Lens My Best Ranked At Squidoo?

Okay. It's late November. Time to put away the Halloween stuff and start concentrating on Christmas and the holidays that follow. So How come my Halloween lenses is continuing to bubble up to the top of the rankings at Squidoo? I created the lens called Ghost Pictures the week before Halloween, regrettably late to get the full force of the spooky holiday traffic, but it continues to get traffic and lately became my number one ranked lens.

It's a pretty simple set up - a bunch of odd photos I've collected that show pictures of ghosts lurking in the background as pictures are taken of various groups, a vacant house or two with a eerie face peering out of a window. Some video showing "something" running through a frame (I have to admit that one's good). The best is the rocking chair. Watch it closely as it moves slowly.

All in all, it was fun to make and it's fun to look at and it's somewhat unique. It can be stumbled on at just about any time of year and visitors will likely be pleased. The lens is about to enter the top tier at Squidoo (only my second to have made it to that lofty rank) and I think that's great. It just goes to show that something you think is a one-off quick little lens can find it's feet (tentacles at Squidoo?) I don't know if it will continue getting traffic, but it's fun to watch it get visitors. Maybe by next Halloween I'll have some more Halloween lenses zipping up the ranks. I know now that I'll be making some. They're fun to make and can make you a little bit of money too.


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