Some New Lenses I've Put Together

I've been busy doing other things, but I have found the time to put together a couple of new lenses.

One is for the Pittsburgh Penguins' star Evgeni Malkin. Malkin is having a great season and currently leads the NHL in the points scoring race.

Another lens I've done is for the city of Brantford Ontario. It still needs a LOT of work before I get it to where I want it, but I like it and plan on doing some more about other Canadian cities. I'd like to include much more info about Brantford, including real estate opportunities, sports in Brantford, etc. I think this will generate a fair bit of traffic.

Also, I created a lens about actress Jessica Alba, just for fun. She's just gorgeous and I want to increase the number of lenses I have about various movie and television stars. Eventually, I will likely create a group to hold them all.


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