Payday at Squidoo Tomorrow?

I think we might be getting the latest news about how much money we will be getting tomorrow from Squidoo. This would be based on the September rankings for our lenses and most think their will be less in the pay envelope because the August payment had that extra funds do to Squidoo giving more to make up for a miscalculation that the good folks at Squidoo made over the previous year. I wasn't a member of Squidoo at that time so I got paid for my 2 weeks with only 1-2 lenses low ranking I had at that time. All I got was $0.08, but I was still happy because I didn't think I would get anything.

This payment will be for the month of September and I had one lens in the top 2000 for just about the entire month and several in the second tier. So I think I might have earned $10 which would be the threshhold for actual payment into my bank account. Although I am hoping for $10 or more, I really don't know what to expect. I think that my payment for October will probably be less because my top lens fell out of the top tier. That payment will be coming in about another month, likely the first week of December.


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