Lens Ranking - How To Work Your Way Upwards

One of the ways you can increase what you earn from Squidoo is by having your lenses at or near the top of the lensrank pile. Getting there is not easy and staying there is even harder. By doing these things individually, you won't stick with the fast-running pack of the top Squidoo lenses, but by combining these ideas, you can give your lenses a competitive edge.

Basically what you want to do is 4 main things:

1. Update your highest rated lenses daily

2. Get sales from your lenses

3. Get traffic to your lenses

4. Get your lenses rated by more members of Squidoo

5. Get some love from the Squid Angels!

First, you need to try to have the best, most unique content on your lens you can possibly write. Some lensmasters create their lens to the best of their ability and then publish it and then never adjust their content. I'm not the most brilliant writer and although I do have some lenses doing fairly well, I can usually improve on what I've previously written. I can usually spot the odd phrase or sentence that can be fixed or tweaked. If you have a number of modules, usually there's something that can be done to improve the lens even slightly. Maybe you can add a keyword or two here and there throughout your text, or add a new tag to help searchers find your jewel. By publishing regularly, you will get a small boost in the rankings.

Secondly, if it works on the lens, you might want to try adding a sales module. Try to work any sales mod so it of course fits seamlessly with your content and avoids making your lens appear too spammy. I was guilty of this when I started creating lenses and some of my lenses still seem a little to cluttered with eBay or Amazon pitches. Let's say you get a sale (way to go!). That will give you a short-term bump in your ranking. Some of the shopping lenses get regular sales and that helps maintain their lofty ranking (plus they has great content to boot). But there's nothing worse than a lens that tries to bring visitors to it with just a fancy, intriguing title and then is just a couple of eBay mods hawking goods totally unrelated to the so-called topic of the lens.

Thirdly, if you get traffic to your lens, the Squidoo gods smile on you. Nothing makes your lens drop faster than being neglected by the lensmaker and getting no traffic. Even having one or 2 unique visitors will give your most forlorn lens a small bump. There are lenses that get 200-300 visitors a day and they stay at the top of the rankings even if they don't get updated. Of course they do have great content which draws them to the lens (think unique, targeted content). People will come if you write interesting stuff.

Fourthly, by getting more 5-star ratings from your fellow members of Squidoo, you will get a boost. But do not plea for ratings. Do not join any group that offers "If you rate mine, I'll rate yours." Do not send emails to other Squidoo members begging for them to rate your lens. By all means, visit other lenses and if you like the content, give it the rating you think it deserves. Leave good comments if there is a Guestbook. Avoid spammy messages like "Great lens. Visit my site ..." leaving a link to a totally unrelated lens topic. Most lensmasters will either delete that message, or will set up the guestbook to remove the ability to leave links. A fair number of Squidoo people won't even use a guestbook because of this and because of negative comments. Can you blame them?

Finally, make your lens worthy of having one or more Squid Angels bless the lens. That can give your work of art a nice boost and it is positive seeing that what you've worked so hard to create is that to be worthy in the eyes of the hardworking people at Squidoo.

By combining all these tips, your beautiful lens will make it's way up the rankings and eventually be in the top tier of Squidoo lenses. Then you will get a taste of the bucks the top tier lenses get each and every payday.


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