Christmas Shopping: Easier Online?

Do you feel it? The sense of urgency has cranked up a bit as Christmas edges closer and closer. I haven't posted on Squidoo Land for a few days because I've been out there in the trenches looking for those special gifts for my loved ones. I saw the panic in the eyes of some, the weariness in others. Sitting at the food court I overheard a couple of people discussing their Christmas plans and how every year they don't have enough time to shop for everyone they want to buy for. One woman mentioned how she had picked up a number of things shopping online at Amazon and other websites and how relieved she was that she now only had to brave the malls for a short period of time. The other women traded stories of how they were checking out other online shopping websites (I should have chimed in about Squidoo), and how they had looked at this item online and the price of that item. I thought what a good idea for a blog post!

It seems that shopping online for Christmas gifts is becoming a larger option for more and more people. Not just because of the time factor (you can shop even when the malls are closed) but because you can look at items that are not readily available at the local mall. One woman I work with was DONE before December even started. Knowing her, she will still go out a few times more to pick up some odds and ends. Me, I am one of those guys who always seems to be hanging around the mall a day or two before the big day with that exhausted look and a number of packages in my tired arms. "Not next year" I pledge, and there I am again.

What I hate is the number of people. Don't get me wrong, I am a people person and I do love the season. It seems that Christmas shopping brings out the worst in some people. It's almost as if they have never been to the mall before! They slowly shuffle down isles and stop walking to look around in awe. Move it people! I have to get to the toy section before they run out of Tickle Me Elmos! And don't get me started about the roads and parking lots. I'm starting to see the HUGE advantage of sitting on my duff in front of my computer going through Amazon and eBay, and Barnes and Noble and Sears online.

By checking out various stores and individual websites, I can decide what I want to purchase before I go to the store. I can see if something is available at the store I want to shop at. If I want to, I can order it online and have it delivered. If I want to, I can have something delivered across the country to friends and loved ones. Remember back in the day having to line up at the post office after spending all that time wrapping presents and paying for postage? You can get free delivery on certain purchases through and others.

I know I'm only scratching the surface on the benefits of online shopping. I just hope you don't have the sore feet, aching back and other assorted ailments I get when I get home after a day shuffling through the stores. Sit back, put your feet up and do some online shopping. You won't regret it and you might save some money. And have Merry Christmas!


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