Why Not Apply For Greeter Status At Squidoo?

With all the hoopla surrounding the current race to obtain Giant Squid status at Squidoo, a lot of folks are missing out on another opportunity to contribute to life at Squidoo. There's another position open for application that you might be interested in called Greeter. You have to be a Giant Squid already to apply, but it's another feather in your cap if you get chosen for this position.

Basically, it's temporary - a 3 month term of service. It's pretty easy, and just takes a three to five hours per week. You welcome new lensmasters who announce their presence in the ocean of Squidoo Lensmasters over at the Squidu Forum and encourage them to contribute and visit their lenses. I remember getting my first few visits to my feeble attempts when I first started and there is nothing quite like a few words of encouragement from some of the more established lensmasters to stoke the fire.

You also get to keep an unofficial eye on new lensmasters who you think might develop into Giants themselves. Helping others with a kind word here and there might be all they need to become first-class citizens of Squidoo. Also, according to the powers that be, there may be some "projects" that the greeters can contribute too. I dunno what that means, but you never know. Squidoo is always changing and adapting itself with new features, modules and such. We recently got a new improved editing page that simplifies how we add modules (all on one page! Yes!). Who knows what's coming down the pike? Maybe you'll get a heads up as a greeter so you can alert newer folks with timely answers, and it'll help you out as a lensmaster too. Basically it's a win-win.

Remember, it's only for a 3 month term, but it's another way of giving back and helping out others which is always a good idea. If you are interested, you can fire off an email to beagreeter@squidoo.com saying why you might like to do it. At least give it a shot. You might have fun and you get a Greeter Badge as well!


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