Just A Little House Cleaning At Squidoo Land

First off, I would like to say happy holidays and Merry Christmas to all who stumble by my little blog. It's Christmas day today and I thought I'd sneak away from the family for a few moments and wish all seasons greetings. This gives me a chance to review my blog, Squidoo Land and start making plans for the new year.

I started this blog in August and although I don't have an opportunity to write every single day, I do plan on writing more in the new year and hopefully with something more concrete to help those struggling with Squidoo and other platforms. I still believe Squidoo is one of the best ways of establishing a web presence and even though I've only been a member for about 4 months, I feel that I've been welcomed for the most part with open arms by the members of Squidoo. If you are unfamiliar with Squidoo, you can join for free and make some money by putting up a webpage (called a lens), including some unique content, and get some sales from the Amazon, Cafepress and eBay modules that you include on your lenses. There are a myriad of tutorial lenses like my Squidoo Newbie Landing Page, which shows you, step-by-step, how to make a lens at Squidoo.

Onward And Upward In 2009 At Squidoo

My plans for the new year are pretty much the same as what I've had since I started at Squidoo, more, more, MORE! I currently have 126 lenses and I plan on increasing the number of lenses I have published to at least double that number by the end of next year. I have about 30 more unpublished lenses that I have been working on for a while. There are so many topics that captivate my interest and that I want to do a lens about that 250 lenses by year-end 2009 may be a conservative assessment. Not only will my little school of lenses expand, so will the potential amount of revenue increase, exponentially. I am losing interest in just focusing on lensrank and I'm moving towards creating more lenses which may generate a sale or three. I am not planning on creating more lenses just for the sole purpose of making money online at Squidoo. I want to make more money, but that is not my only goal.

Maybe I'll Make Some Charity Lenses

So far I've been a little greedy. All of the lenses I've created have been for the purpose of generating a profit for me. There's nothing wrong with that and I don't think as though I should feel somehow guilty about trying to make money with websites. I am making some money at Squidoo, and I plan on increasing my efforts in this area, but I do plan on making a portion of my new lenses as charity lenses, because that means I am giving some to those who deserve it and that's all well and good. Remember, Squidoo takes a portion of all the money generated from your lens before you see your cut of the profits, so each lens already generates some fundage for worthy charities. I just want to give a little bit more to certain other charities over and above the usual Squidoo share. It's just good karma.

Increasing My Affiliate Income

Okay, okay, maybe I am a little bit greedy. What I want to do is continue to increase the income I generate through affiliates (and other methods). There is such potential waiting to be captured in the internet, that seeing what I've done with just a little effort makes me want to re-double my efforts to increase my return.

The Web offers so many options, platforms and other ways of making a buck here and there, I just don't see how anyone can resist it's siren call. "Start a blog and become a millionaire!", "I made XXX dollars, and I'll show you how you can too!" All that stuff is garbage in my opinion. There are no shortcuts to working hard and using your head. If someone were to find a way to make a mountain of money, it is very doubtful they would be offering to show you how to do it for a low, low price. If you want to make a fortune, you have to find a way to have someone pay you more money for your efforts than it took you to get them to pay you. Then you do it again. And again. And again. You get the idea. Do the work, get paid, do the work again and get paid again.

Okay, I'm starting to rant, so I'll stop there. Besides, the turkey needs to be carved and I want to get my belly stuffed and then I can kick back and talk with my family and relax. You should too.


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