Facebook Groups: Do They Draw Traffic? Squidoo Land Says Yes and No

Yup. You will get some traffic from Facebook groups, but not the type you want. I'm not knocking Facebook or the groups set up there. I have a number of small groups I have put together myself. They are garnering some members and some of the others I am a member of have some lively debate. It's almost like the old chat rooms that were so busy for so long years ago. There's a lot of "You suck" comments and "we're number one!" type of conversations. Not exactly highbrow dialog goes on for very long.

And that's the problem. These groups draw a lot of people. Some groups have a torrent of traffic dropping by leaving comments about President Obama, or their favorite sports team after a big win. By siphoning off some traffic from these groups to go to your website or Squidoo lens you may luck out and make a sale or click. Sure it's great to see the number of visitors go up. But if they are not interested in what your selling, what's the point? Like I said, traffic is traffic, some converts but other visitors don't. Maybe you can get a sale of a hat or jersey from a visitor once in a while, but the bottom line is if you are in this to make some money, most of the Facebook crowd are not coming to you with money in their hot little hands to buy stuff. They want to read. They want to look at cool pictures. Maybe they'll click on a link for more info. But the majority won't convert.

But Some Facebook Traffic Does Convert! Doesn't It?

Yup. After slamming Facebook traffic above, I want to state yes they do convert. I get some traffic and a regular percentage buy stuff and click to see more information about what I'm sellin'. What is needed is MORE TRAFFIC! You won't convert all your visitors into customers with any source of online traffic. That's an obvious pipedream. What you want is to increase the number of visitors to your lenses, right? So you don't sell all of them a poster or new set of gardening tools. A tiny percentage of a increasingly larger group buys stuff. That means your total number of sales increases.

You are getting people to see your work. Some buy, some don't. Facebook is a source of traffic. Get more. Get more traffic from Facebook, from MySpace, from the forums you post in. Some traffic converts better than others and the point is some traffic converts! Sure the folks dropping by from Facebook don't all make the big plasma TV purchase, but some buy stuff. That's what you want. A regular source of traffic that purchases a little something and comes back again. What more could you ask for?


Harmony said...

What I really like about Facebook are Fan Pages. They are similar to groups and garner gender/age stats about the persons who fan the page. This is invaluable information in the world of IM. Like you said, they may not bring a whirlwind of traffic, but still worthwhile.
Good post btw... :)

Bradshaw said...

I agree. I have some Squidoo lenses about various celebs and I've added a link in some groups and received some traffic that way. Some traffic is always better than no traffic.

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