Squidoo Land Garners Google Page Rank!

Hey! I just checked and the little blog that could (yeah I'm talking about Squidoo Land) is now a page rank 2 blog according to Google. That means I'm considered something of an authority on Squidoo, but don't tell anyone. I'm still getting my feet wet at Squidoo (my tentacles wet?)

I started this blog in September to let people know about Squidoo and why they should join up with this great website. You can join here and begin your own journey on Squidoo. Hey, you can make money and some can make a lot of money. Besides money, there's the fun aspect. I like writing about various topics and posting on the Squidu forum and reading and conversing with other lensmasters about how they're doing and what they are doing to get better.

As far as getting higher page rank, obviously this is very pleasing to me, and makes me want to push it even higher to the next level. I'm starting to get some notice for what I'm writing which I love to do, and I'm getting some readers (very important) and slowly but surely, I'm starting to make a little bit of money off of my blogging. All I can say is:

"Google loves me this I know...
For my pagerank tells me so."

I have other blogs I'm working on and now I see that eventually if you keep at it that positive things start happening. Maybe I can leverage my love for writing into a couple of dozen blogs, each producing a dollar here and there. I'm always reading about how to make your blogging better. A monetization here, a little there...


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