Uh, Oh. The Big Blue Box Arrived On My Squidoo Dashboard

It appears to be that time again. Payday at Squidoo. I logged into Squidoo and there it was again, the big blue box, signifying the announcement of what I earned for the month of October. As we are always paid about a month and about a half after the end of the month, I can expect a little something, something in my PayPal account in the next few days.

As for me, my lenses took a bit of a tumble in the rankings all through October with none in the top tier. I don't expect much if anything at all for October, just my 2nd full month having lenses on Squidoo. November was slightly better and December better still, but I don't believe I'll have made enough to pass the $10 threshhold. Other will have been a bit luckier, some earning upwards of $1,000, but many less. My goal remains unchanged to have $1,000 a month from Squidoo and I'm putting in my efforts to increase the number and quality of my lenses. Still a long haul before I reach my mark, but I will get there eventually. I'll again announce my earnings at Squidoo Land (hopefully tomorrow). Wish me luck! I congratulate those who have done well. Those that haven't met your goals at Squidoo yet, carry on and continue working towards them.


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