I Applied For Giant Squid Status

I have taken the plunge. Yesterday I sent off my application to Squidoo HQ for Giant Squid status. Of course, I don't think I'll get it. I have the numbers (you need 50 to apply) but as always I'm concerned about quality. You need to have 50 quality lenses, not 5-6 really great ones and the rest only so-so. I think I might get it but of course I just dunno. If you want to take a look at all my lenses (remember, I have 126 published, plus a mittful of unpublished ones) here's a link to my lensmaster page.

Weird that my lens about Benedict Arnold is now my number one lens. It seems to get a fair bit of traffic week in, week out. I think I have too many "Who Is..." Squidoo pages, lots of hockey players, celebrities, that sort of thing. But I do have a lot of other types of pages. I've read that the folks who make the decisions about who they let into the select group of Giant Squids don't like too many of that type of lenses, but they are only a part of my output. And just about all of them have a fair bit of work done on them, modules added, lots of photos, lots of content (I'm always trying to add more content).

Still, is this enough? Hope so. If not, I'll re-apply for the March 31st deadline and re-double my efforts. Even if I were to get a Giant Squid badge added to my lenses, that's only one step. You can't rest on your laurels around Squidoo. I'm one of those "onwards and upwards" type of people and I'll probably double my output by the next deadline, just to give those selecting new Giants a little wider choice.

Still, I'll report here at Squidoo Land how I do. Hopefully my efforts will spur others on to apply. Wish me luck.


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