The Coolest Blogs Featuring Squidoo Ever

Here is a great Squidoo lens called The Coolest Blogs Featuring Squidoo Ever that covers most of the better blogs being written by lensmasters. I'm still waiting for this lens to accept Squidoo Land as one of it's best blogs with a "squidoo theme."

This great source of blogs was built using another of the newer Squidoo platforms called The Ever Project which allows lensmasters to build a theme around a topic they feels deserves a lens so they can shout out to the world "This is the Best Basketball Player Ever!" or "This is the Sexiest Model Ever!" You get the idea. Another one of Squidoo's intriguing lens building models.

I haven't had a chance to create a "best ... ever" lens yet, but I do have some thoughts and ideas rattling around in my noggin. Maybe something like the best war movie ever about Tom Hanks in Saving Private Ryan. Oops, sorry. I just took that one for myself and it just debuted at 119,100. Take a look. Or you could go another way, say maybe the Yummiest Chocolate Cake Ever - Sorry, that one's already taken too.


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