YouTube Modules Jazz Up Squidoo Lenses

I've been adding some YouTube modules to my Squidoo lenses and it's help draw some traffic to my lenses. What you can do is either have YouTube decide which videos to display or you can pick your own. Both methods have merit, but it depends what you want to display. If you use too generic a search term, YouTube can pull up a completely irrelevent. If you are a bit too specific, you might not find anything.

I like to pick the best available videos that any of my visitors to my lens might want to take a peek at. As an example, if you have a lens about Alex Rodriguez or the New York Yankees, you could look for some of the latest video of A-Rod hitting his 500th Home Run, or breaking a Babe Ruth record with 12 seasons of 35 runs and at least 100 RBIs. Or maybe you've got a lens created in tribute to the babe-alicious Jennifer Anniston. There are soooo many to choose from.


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