Surprising Traffic From Unexpected Sources

I've created lots of lenses and some I've sweated over what content to include and what to leave out. Some of the lenses I created are providing unexpected amounts of traffic from outside of Squidoo. I've been sending off my pings to alert the search engines about some of them, but others I've left for Google and Yahoo to find - and they're being found!

One lens is for history-type information that not many people would have any interest in, but I've checked and it is not only on the first page for Google, it is sitting in 2nd place, right under Wikipedia. I need to add some more content to solidify my position on this and other higher ranking lenses.

It is a wonderful feeling when you discover something you've written being found by those with similar interests. It makes me want to expand my content even more and venture into other areas where I think I can provide some insight.


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