Ping Me Baby, Ping Me!

The whole point of creating squidoo lenses or blogs is to get people to visit your site and read what you've written. You can't go knocking on every door asking that they visit your website. One way of getting visitors is by alerting them when you have written something that they would be interested in. You do that by pinging the various search engines and get them to crawl your site when you've updated your blog or lens with fresh interesting information. Here's a short YouTube video about the benefits of pinging your blog.

3 Reasons to Ping Your Lens or Blog
1. You receive more links which will help get you noticed by Google
2. Direct traffic from the major search engines
3. Your posts will get indexed faster by Google and Yahoo!

You need to get your update listed where people are looking for updated, fresh content. Where are they looking? Well, here's a list of some sites that want you to let them know about your updates:

There are hundreds more websites that you need to contact that are more than willing to help you get the word out about you blog or Squidoo lens. If you want to get more people to come to you, first you have to let them know you're out there.


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