What About HubPages?

I'm thinking about expanding over to the HubPages site. It is slightly smaller than Squidoo, but still, it does hold a lot of similar potential. I've visited a few of their pages and the people putting up their content are really top notch!

They're writing about everything from Vacation Packing List and Tips, to a guide on What men should wear to an interview, to (of course) How To Make $10 MILLION Over Night On The Internet.

These are just three of over 160,000 hubs and more are joining their ranks daily. Personally, I really have my hands full with my Squidoo lenses right now, so I don't want to spread myself too thin, but you should still give it your consideration.


Dave said...

Since you're generating original and creative content, I recommend giving HubPages a try. HubPages generate 5 times more traffic than Squidoo lenses on average. Check out my race report on Squidoo vs. HubPages since I think one horse has stumbled. Regards.

Bradshaw said...

Sorry about being 2 months behind in replying to your comment Dave. I still haven't really had a chance to get over to Hubpages yet, but I was planning on making a start in December. You know, get an early start on the new year by expanding my online reach. I have spoken with others who also recommend Hubpages. Keep an eye out for me!

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