Editing Lenses: I Sometimes Feel Like I'm a Professional Plate Spinner

I sometimes feel like I'm the guy in the picture, spinning plates and trying to juggle everything all at once. You can almost hear "Flight of The Bumblebee" playing in the background as I scurry from lens to squidoo lens adding more information on one and then some video on another. Checking my latest stats. Reading some posts at the Squidoo Forums and elsewhere. But I'm loving it!

This is so much fun! Anyone who knows me, knows I am a trivia nut and know a little bit about a lot of different subjects. Squidoo is allowing me to put overcharged brain to work, shouting from the rooftops "This is something you need to look at" when I publish a new lens. I highly recommend you take a spin at making some Squidoo lens for yourself. Even if the money doesn't start pouring in immediately, the money will start coming in. How much you make is determined by what you know and what you want to put in front of your readers faces. Do it now. Go to Squidoo and start having some fun too.


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