Google is driving me nuts!

I look for my lens on Google and there it is, tucked away on page seven of the results for a certain keyword. Great! I'm in and get the odd visitor because I'm buried so far back in the results. A few days later, I check again using the exact same keyword hoping against hope that my lens has maybe moved up the ranks a little bit. Nothing. Not even listed. My lens which is about a much searched for topic has dropped off the face of Google. And so I go to page one... nothing, page two... nada. I go through 20-30 pages with not even a sniff of my lens. I enter URL and: No Listing. Argh!

I know this is a somewhat common complaint among lensmasters, but it is irritating. I'll check back in a few days. I've heard that sometimes they mysteriously reappear back into the listings. And I was starting to get a nice little bit of traffic from Google too. Well, I'll add some more good content to that lens (and the others too) and I'll get back into the mix.


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