What About Using eBay On My Lenses? Try the Squidu eBay Forum

The auction site eBay is a place where fortunes can and have been made. If you use the tips and pointers of veteran eBay sellers and buyers, you can have another source of income. I'm currently planning to start selling some stuff that has a degree of demand and I know will sell.

Using some of my Squidoo lenses, I'll feature some of my items I plan to sell and might be able to direct targeted eager buyers to my eBay store. I don't have a store yet, but they're easy to set up. Hey, my auctions might even show up on your lenses too! I think I can start earning a smidgen of moola from the auction site.

If you visit the Squidoo forum, there's a section dedicated to eBay called eBay Users Forum you might want to check out. I see if I can find any books about eBay that I can recommend from Amazon that I can recommend here. Perhaps a lens just about eBay is in order. Something more to add to my increasing to-do list!


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