Have You Seen This Twitter Button? It Allows Visitors To Tweet Your Lenses


This is kinda cool. This button can be put on your lenses, blog posts, and just about anywhere else and it allows visitors to whatever you've created use Twitter to "tweet" it to their followers. It is simple Java code that you can input and a visitor who likes what you've written can alert others to take a look. It could help draw traffic - you know, with the social networking the kids are doing lol.

The button is available through Tweetmeme and the steps to implementing it are pretty straight forward. I've been putting it on some of my own webpages and it works fairly well I would say.

Basically what happens is that when a visitor clicks it, a new browser window opens up with their Twitter account in it and they can send it to their followers, drawing them to your work and the process repeats itself hopefully generating traffic from people who may not have found you otherwise. It's just another cool way to draw traffic to Squidoo.

You can send your own tweets to your own followers when you publish and update a lens at Squidoo, and you should continue to do so, but this opens up a different avenue for traffic to flow to your webpages. What do you think?


thefluffanutta said...

You can put this button on to your lenses too. Read how to do it here: Adding “ReTweet” Buttons To Your Lens.

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