Video: How To Start At Squidoo Step-By-Step

How To Setup Squidoo from Jeff Smithson on Vimeo.

I was reviewing some "How To Squidoo" and beginner guides to Squidoo and found this video that I thought I would share. The video provides a step by step guide showing each procedure someone new to the Squidoo website would take when first starting out with their first lens.

If you haven't begun Squidooing yet, you can JOIN SQUIDOO quite easily and of course at no charge. Take a look at the video and if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

The clip is actually quite long, and the lensmaster is using the old school way of moving modules about 15 minutes into it. Since this was made, the fine folks at Squidoo have made a better (and quicker) workshop that allows easier movement of modules. Still a good guide for someone new to Squidoo.


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