New Record High Earnings At Squidoo!


I just posted that payday at Squidoo was coming and when I checked, I found that yes indeed, today was Payday. And what a payday! I just found out that I received a record high for money on Squidoo. This of course is for the month of November as Squidoo pays 2 months behind, so December earnings will be paid around February 12th. If you go to the Squidoo forum you will find many similar stories of people at Squidoo shocked at what they received this month. I'm still grinning and going over my numbers.

The funny thing is that back in November I was just getting back into the swing of things at Squidoo after having taken several months off from the site. With the work I put into my various webpages in December and this month, I'm pretty sure that I will see similar amounts in my next few payouts from Squidoo. I'm not expecting to make enough to retire on, but if this continues, I think that I will be spending a great deal more time on my online marketing efforts.

How much did I make exactly? Well, that's between me and the taxman, but I can show how much can be earned at Squidoo.

There are a number of ways to make money at Squidoo as I've mentioned in the past. First, there is lensrank. All the webpages at Squidoo are ranked from number one to the very bottom ranking page. There are 3 tiers that receive payment. The <1st tier is those that rank from number one to number 2,000. These are the creme de la creme at Squidoo and getting a page ranked in this tier is difficult to do and even harder to maintain. Those that can maintain a monthly rank of 1-2,000 for the month get a much higher payout.

The 2nd tier are those that rank from 2,001-about 8,500, which is also difficult to maintain. The last tier covers those webpages that rank from 8,501-about 85,000 I believe.

Each tier receives a descending amount of money from a pool created by ads like adsense that appear on the lenses, based on their rank.

Finally, there is a major way to make even more money at Squidoo. By putting moneymaking modules on your webpage (for example, eBay, Amazon or CafePress) and when visitors to your page click to go to Amazon and buy a book or buy something at an eBay auction, you get a cut of that.

As a side note: this is where you can really make a respectable amount of money. More traffic to your site = more traffic to these other websites = more and more money being sent to your account. The amount you can earn from using these moneymaking mods is basically unlimited, while trying to play the LensRank game is limited. You can only have a certain number of lenses in the top tiers and you are battling other lensmasters (many are extremely productive and talented).

If you want to earn money at Squidoo, look to making money from sales, and don't worry too much about your actually LensRank. Money received from LensRank should really be considered as a bonus, while you concentrate on making money elsewhere.


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