November Squidoo Payout Coming!

The big, blue box is coming. Payday at Squidoo is just about a week or so away and like everyone, I am looking forward to seeing what I've generated. This payday will be for November 2009 as Squidoo is always a couple of months behind, so you will have to wait until February to find out what you made over Christmas.

What can you expect? Well, as always, Squidoo pay by how well your various lenses ranked over the course of the month, so hopefully you had some in the top tier. If your webpage was ranked under 2,000 for entire month of November, then your lens would be in the top tier. It is all based on how long it spent in the top tier on average. For example, let's say your webpage is ranked 2,001+ all month, but for the last week of November it rises to 1,750 or so in the ranks. Don't get your hopes up that you will get paid the top payout. It all depends on your overall monthly ranking. You will likely receive a Tier 2 payout because it averaged a Tier 2 ranking for the month which is still respectable.

Here's what last month's payout (for October) were:

Tier #1 $13.20 (up $0.17 from the previous month)
Tier #2 $2.13 (up $0.01 from the previous month)
Tier #3 $0.10 (same as the previous month)

So, if the webpage mentioned above ended up being ranked as a Tier 2 lens after all, you would receive $2.13. We didn't receive notification of our October payout until mid-December, so it will be a while before we get the word that November's payout is here.


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