New Giant Squids Are Waiting For The Word

The latest round of Giant Squid applications have been submitted and now there are many folks waiting patiently to find out if they've made the grade.

I always enjoy looking at all the lenses that applicants have created as they try to earn the coveted Giant Squid title, and if you want to see what webpages they've created, there is of course the lengthy thread called December 2009 Potential Giants & 100 Clubbers Show Off Your New Lenses where the Giants-to-be submit lenses for others to take a look at.

Also, those lensmasters who are already Giants are trying to join the even more select group of Giants With 100 Lenses. You of course need 100 great lenses, not just a bunch of webpages on Squidoo that totals 100 in number. I am currently a Giant Squid myself, having earned that title a year ago, but I haven't tried to snag the 100 title. I think that will be my next big task at Squidoo. I do have the numbers, as I currently have 153 published lenses, but they need to be buffed up so that they meet the rigorous level of excellence that is expected. My Squidoo pages languished for several months while I concentrated on other things in my life, but I've been back working on improving my work, fixing broken links and re-writing dated content, plus adding some new lenses.

I'm looking forward to reading who has made the cut and been given the status of Giant. That should be in about a week or so.


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