Large Spike In Traffic On Squidoo Lens! How I Did It


I have many webpages at Squidoo and I am always trying to draw more traffic to each of my lenses. Obviously a higher number of visitors usually equals more sales especially if you draw people in a buying mood. Unfortunately, the spike in traffic one of my pages experienced was for a lens about a celebrity and those who stopped by my Squidoo page were more interested in the content than the various items for sale sprinkled throughout the page.

The webpage is for a relative newcomer, and the information available on the Internet is sparce, so it was fairly easy to get a nice PageRank on Google for this person. I was adding more detailed information on a regular basis and the serps like seeing that. I decided I would try for a page one ranking because after reviewing what others had, I thought it would be somewhat easy to get a really good spot ~ I've been at number one for several days for this celeb and there's been some interest because of their good press. Suddenly everyone wanted to know more about the person.

I had the good fortune to have updated my page with the most comprehensive bio information and visitors flocked to the page - 20 times what it had experienced in the past. The page had been getting one or two visitors a day for a while, then I built it up to 20-30 a day, then I pushed hard with the content and got the results - almost 500 visits a day - much better than I had expected. New content is still being added and although the amount of traffic is dropping, it remains much higher than it had been. Now if I can get the traffic to convert into sales...

This is one problem I've seen with the Squidoo lenses that primarily are concerned with celebrities and famous sports figures. They can generate a fair bit of traffic, but the people visiting are looking for information about the celebs, and not really in a buying mood. Some do purchase movies and books from this type of webpage, but most seem to wander off either through Google Adsense links or links to other lenses. This does help incidentally, because the revenue generated goes to all lenses that attain a decent LensRank, and the increase in visitors helps increase your LensRank so you get a larger share of the resulting pool of money from Squidoo. But... I want more sales. I'm not upset that the increase in traffic hasn't resulted in a corresponding increase in sales.

There is some good that came out of this though. I know that I can get top PageRank at Google with some work. That is of course where the money is and I think I can slice off a share for myself. This has been a positive learning experience, and one I plan on repeating. Again and again.


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