Updating The Story Of Benedict Arnold

One of my pages at Squidoo tells the story of Benedict Arnold, who betrayed the supporters of the American Revolution by planning to give the key military fortress of West Point to the British, but the plan was of course thwarted when Arnold's counterpoint, Major Andre, was caught with documents incriminating Arnold in the plot. You can take a look at the page at:

Traitor: The Case of Benedict Arnold

The reason why I decided to make a webpage about Benedict Arnold is that besides the historically interesting plot, and major betrayal of what has come to be seen as one of the most important events (the Revolutionary War), I found out that I have a distant connection with the man himself. One of my relatives married Arnold's direct great-granddaughter in the late 1880s so besides already having a love of history in general, I found this story interesting from a personal perspective.

The lens is about Arnold's life from birth to his death in London, England years after the war and I am now starting on a major re-write to attempt to make the webpage that much better. The page is starting to draw a certain number of visitors from several sources and with my perfectionism, I want to ensure that people find what they are looking for. Also, the page is registering nicely in the Squidoo LensRanks which is an added benefit, but as always, its the sales that grab my interest.


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