Oddly, No Goggle Traffic... But Yahoo Loves Me

As always, I am pouring over my traffic stats for each of my various webpages at Squidoo, looking for what's working and what isn't. My lenses each get their share of traffic, some just the occasional visitor and others seem to get tons of people shuffling through my portals of information. One is my page about the legendary Paul Bunyan. It isn't what I would call a smashing success as far as traffic goes and I thought I would review the traffic stats for the page. Google is completely absent in the numbers for directing people to the page. None, nada, ziltch as far as traffic. But Yahoo loves the page. 78 percent of all traffic to the lens is from Yahoo. Why doth thou hate Paul Bunyan, oh mighty Google?

Sure I have other pages that Google loves and others that Yahoo seems to be smitten with, but I haven't seen a page so disliked by Google. I decided to see what Squidoholic has to say about the page - no backlinks etc., and Squidutils says it is an okay lens, but needs more traffic and the tags need a bit of work, which I'll take care of now. The primary focus of the lens is actually about the various Paul Bunyan statues around the United States with pictures of people sitting in Paul's hand, etc. Perhaps the page needs to be expanded with more about the tall tales of Paul Bunyan. It needs to get a brush-up to make it more Google-friendly.


Bradshaw said...

I found another Squidoo webpage with just the same traffic pattern. Lots of Yahoo love and Google avoiding it like the plague. Other pages Google is all over like a pittbull on a steak.

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